This Fall, A Season to Honor


Since October 16th, 1937, when my parents opened Hyeholde, each successive owner has built on the best that went before.

Along with the molting of Pittsburgh from steel town to “meds and eds” Hyeholde has morphed from my parents charming country restaurant to Pat and Carol Foy’s sophisticated restaurant and cabaret to the present rustic elegance of Hyeholde restaurant and Round Room (our facility for special events).

Through these past 80 years the goal has been to adapt and flourish with each new iteration of our great city and we look forward, with dark blue aprons on and new menus in mind to what will be beyond, “meds, eds and driverless cars”.

Our food, is for the most part, sourced locally and served without pretension in comfortable yet elegant surroundings.  From picnics among the 4 acres, to the chef’s table in the kitchen to events both grand and intimate and most recently to “Uber Eats”, Hyeholde stands out because it fits so many ways into the larger picture of life today.


Won’t you join us on this new experience and fun journey

Monday, October 16th

Past, Present and Future Day

A celebratory menu to honor my parents will be served throughout the evening.  For almost 40 years they served only chicken, steak and lobster.

For dinner this evening Chef Brent and his staff will use the same ingredients but in deliciously different preparations.

Oh, BTW, different prices too (not 1937 prices), entree priced tonight.

We waited with bated breath to find the right time to celebrate the intense
 popularity of
“Game of Thrones”.

Our own 80th anniversary celebration seemed to be the perfect time, so:

Friday, 20th October

House Hyeholde will serve a fabulous

Game of Thrones Feast

Six o’clock

$150.00 food and wine inclusive
By reservation only 412-264-3116

Game of Thrones attire encouraged

Don’t Forget:

The “Chef’s Table” in our kitchen for the Culinary Inquisitive.

We also offer “Hyeholde to Go” from Hyeholde’s kitchen to yours.

Thanksgiving at Hyeholde is coming

Gift Certificates in all denominations.


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